Call a Bondsman for DUI Bail Out

DUI, or driving under the influence, is a serious criminal charge anyone who chooses to drive intoxicated may face if they are stopped by law enforcement or if an accident occurs. Once you are stopped by law enforcement, you’ll complete several field sobriety tests. The officer may also request a breath test to determine your level of alcohol intoxication. When the results land you in jail, a bondsman is there to bail you out.  Bondsmen are there to get you out of jail no matter what the hour on the clock.

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A bondsman makes getting out of jail fast, easy, simple, and much more affordable than the courts make the ordeal. They charge only 10% of the original court-ordered bond amount, so a $50,000 bond is instantly reduced to just $5,000. It is a considerable difference when you need to get out of jail! There is also a small bondsman fee that does not exceed $50. It is much cheaper to get out when a bondsman is used for services. Additionally, people that use a bondsman to get out of jail are processed before others so that speeds things up a bit.

Being charged with DUI is scary. Judges are not friendly with people who they consider to endanger the lives of so many other people. A conviction could result in time in jail, probation, huge fines, and a slew of additional consequences. You should call a lawyer to help with the case and remember to invoke your rights to remain silent to minimize troubles. But before you can do any of those things it is important to pick up the phone and make the call for bail bonds philadelphia pa so you’re not behind bars any longer than necessary.

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